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Yingkou Forging Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (former Yingkou Forging Machine Tool Factory), located in Yingkou Area of Liaoning Free Trade Zone, is a company with a long history, relying on solid strength and high-tech product research and innovation. It is located in the Northeast Asian Economic Circle, the Bohai Rim Economic Zone, the Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt, and the Shenyang Economic Zone. It is the only overlapping area of the four national strategies. The transportation is convenient and the goods are smooth. It is the nearest estuary in the northeast hinterland. Develop stamina.

The company was founded in 1949. It was the chairman factory and team leader factory of China's mechanical press industry and the industry standard setting factory. It is now the only company in Liaoning that produces large-scale stamping automation complete sets of equipment. It covers an area of 100,000 square meters and has more than 400 employees. It is the executive director of the China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association Forging Machinery Association. It has been selected into the "Recommended Catalogue of Military and Civilian High-tech Private Enterprises and Products (Volume 6)". It will be distributed to the military equipment procurement management department and the military industry group in a competitive procurement platform for weapons and equipment.

The company maintains close business cooperation with scientific research institutes and enterprises in the Shenyang Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian University of Technology Research Institute, Yingkou Institute of Technology, and the First Heavy Research Institute, and conducts long-term inspections, discussions and technology exchanges. The company's technical staff conducts technical discussions from time to time to continuously improve the company's technical level and manufacture first-class products for customers.

The company has provided thousands of complete sets of mechanical presses for military, aerospace, aviation, nuclear power, and automotive enterprises. Of which: J84-1250B type 12500 kN precision press for Xi'an aerospace engine in 2007, which is used for the precision production of the plane on the aerospace Chang'e 3 engine fairing, which provides a reliable guarantee for the development of the country's aerospace industry Has produced good social benefits; in 2009, the JF31-1600 16000 kN closed single-point mechanical press was provided for a machine in Inner Mongolia of the National Weaponry Department, using a guide post and sleeve structure, full thin oil lubrication, and a four-post body. With zero failure rate of equipment operation, the factory has won unanimous praise from the manufacturers, which has improved and expanded the company's brand image in military enterprises and made a certain contribution to the national defense cause. In 2011, it shattered foreign technical barriers and successfully created the first domestic set of J36-800HDJ. Type 8000 kN precision blanking press, which is used for key punching projects in nuclear power. The company stands out from the competition among many domestic press manufacturers and has assumed national responsibility. It has introduced plans under repeated demonstrations by technical experts. Delivered for inspection and use, making a significant contribution to the production of nuclear power equipment and national nuclear power equipment by Harbin; after two years of design and development 2015 JB71-250 closed multi-station automatic press items delivered to German companies, after running the test, the product quality and precision have been greatly recognized and praised German business experts. In a short period of time, we designed and manufactured a world-class advanced production level. This product fills the domestic gap and is the first set in China. It has obtained 14 national patents and provides modern technology for the automated production of parts and components in the automotive industry. Created a model for the molding machine tool manufacturing to enter the international market.

In 2016, we developed the YDE53-2500 electric screw press for Jilin General Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., and successively developed YDE53-1000, YDE53-1600, YDE53-3150 and other electric screw press products in 2017-2019; In 2018, we developed the YDE67 series of brick presses for the Dashiqiao magnesium carbon brick industry; in 2019, the YPK-1600 hot-die forging multi-station press full-automatic production line project developed for Jilin General Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., mainly Production of lightweight aluminum alloy forged parts for automobiles. This product is the first in China, and only Schuler in Germany has similar products in the world.

Yingkou Forging Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level enterprise technology center in Liaoning Province and a national high-tech enterprise. A variety of products have been rated as national, ministerial, provincial and municipal quality products. The company has won the National May 1st Labor Medal, the Provincial Civilized Enterprise, and the Municipal Integrity Enterprise. The company has strong technical strength, with 80 high- and intermediate-level professional and technical personnel, with strong scientific and technological research and development capabilities, to achieve remote control and information production management, to achieve three-dimensional parametric design and paperless office, greatly improving production and processing efficiency. There are more than 100 major large-scale production equipment and more than 80 high-precision production equipment. In recent years, technology has been introduced from Germany and Japan, which has accelerated the upgrading of products, improved product performance, and continuously improved product quality.

While developing, the company has never forgotten to assume social responsibilities, actively engaged in social public welfare undertakings, taking charitable public welfare undertakings as its responsibility, and dedicating love to the society with practical actions. In order to carry forward the Chinese traditional virtues, spread positive energy and actively contribute. Over the years, for the earthquake relief, flood relief, poverty alleviation, and disability support, the elderly loved the old soldiers, the glorious home, and donated more than 400 students / more than 6 million yuan. The company was awarded the National May 1st Labor Award, a provincial civilized enterprise, and more than ten employees were awarded national, provincial, and municipal model workers and other honorary titles.

Facing the future, the company puts the transformation mode and structure adjustment in a more prominent position, comprehensively implements the "Made in China 2025" strategic deployment, proactively responds to complex situations, actively implements new development concepts, improves quality and efficiency, and innovates industrial development. New steps in corporate development. Standing at a new historical starting point, the new historical position, the new global pattern, and the opportunities for national reforms have formed a new historical opportunity that is once in a lifetime, pushing the forging into a critical period of development and a period of reform. On the new journey, Forging is formulating a new version, medium- and long-term development plan, and outlines a grand blueprint vision for a century of forging. Forging will not forget the original intention in the new era, keep in mind the mission, promote high-quality development with reform and innovation, adhere to the cooperative development concept of forging, focus on creating high-quality forging products with its own characteristics, and fully realize automation, intelligence, and digitization. Reform, speed up the research and development of intelligent equipment and industrial software, accelerate industrial upgrading and improve quality and efficiency. Provide intelligent forging equipment to the market and build a century-old forging enterprise.



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