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Growth process

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      Company predecessor is yingkou metalforming machine tool plant, founded in 1949, with the republic, was the original focus of national mechanical industry press professional factory production, the old factory with many years of production history of mechanical press. Has passed 63 years of glorious history, a long time, the municipal party committee, municipal government and relevant departments under the correct leadership and strong support, under the joint efforts of several generations of forging people, made great development. Especially the successful restructuring in August 2001, with the modern enterprise system of private joint-stock enterprises. Enterprises in the internal rectification actively, make full use of straightening out manpower resources, update the increase production equipment, improve production capacity. External update management idea, improve sales market, and actively widen the channel of the development of sales. Internal cohesiveness and external competitiveness is an unprecedented increase, make the enterprise to glow the youth.

      In the process of company development, adhere to the "two civilizations" construction together grasp, manages concertedly, leading cadres of reform, the unity cooperation, and practice the new lead by example, a person of integrity, to complete the work assigned by the superior party committee, government.

      Company not only material civilization construction has made achievements, great achievements have been made in construction of spiritual civilization also. Enterprises have sprung up in 63 won the "civilized unit", yingkou city, liaoning province, the enterprise of yingkou city, the national advanced party committee "51" labor medal, the yingkou city federation of trade unions "model worker honorable titles such as the home; in addition, the assembly shop fitter class won the" advanced group ", yingkou city, liaoning province workers pioneer, chairman of the board of directors elected Song Yong municipal 14 session of party representatives, city, province and city model worker and was awarded as province top ten excellent turn back military glory; enterprise successively two people obtained the national labor model, the provincial model worker seven people, the city labor model 11 people. They are the typical representative of many collective and individual enterprises, they in the construction of "two civilizations" made outstanding contributions.

       Wind and rain, 63 years, half a century of struggle song, yingkou forging theory changes, enterprises, as on a day of rapid express our implementation of the strategy will continue to be realized, yingkou forging tomorrow will be better.



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