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Forging machine tool

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Forging machine tool

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 Forging machine is for the use of metal and machinery manufacture equipment, he only change the outside shape of the metal. Forging machine tool including lapping machine, shearing machine, punching machine, press, hydraulic press, hydraulic press, bending machine, etc.

The origin of the background of such machines

BC two thousand years in the trees of the lathe is the earliest prototype machine. Work, of the bottom of foot rope ring, by using the elasticity of the branches of the workpiece rope driven rotating, holding a shell or stone chips as a tool, such as moving along the lath tool cutting artifacts. Medieval elastic rod rod lathe using is still the principle.

Of the 15th century as a result of the need of watch-making and weapons, a watchmaker with screw and gear machine tools, hydraulic drive and the gun barrel of boring machine. Around 1500, the Italian leonardo Da Vinci had drawn lathes, boring machine, screw machine tools, and the idea of internal grinder sketch, which has a crank, flywheel, pointed and bearing, etc. New institutions. In China's Ming dynasty book characterized by open content "also contains the structure of the grinding machine, with the method of the foot make iron rotating, combined with sand and water cutting jade.

In the eighteenth century industrial revolution promoted the development of the machine tool. In 1774, the British Wilkinson invented the precision of the gun barrel and boring machine. The following year, he used the gun barrel machine boring machine boring cylinder, meet the requirements of the watt's steam engine. To made more boring cylinder, in 1776, he made a driven wheel cylinder boring machine, promote the development of the steam engine. From then on, the machine start shaft drive through by a steam engine.

In 1797, the British he the gen made by lead screw transmission tool slide, can realize mobile feed and thread cutting, this is a major change of machine tool structure. He is therefore referred to as the "father" of the UK machine tool industry.

In the 19th century, due to the textile production, power, transportation, machinery and weaponry, various types of machine tools have appeared. In 1817, the British Roberts to create double housing planer; 1818 americans Whitney made horizontal milling machine; In 1876, the United States made universal cylindrical grinder; 1835 and 1897, and successively developed gear hobbing machine and gear shaper.

With the invention of the motor, machine tool first concentrated by motor drive, and then widely used motor drive alone. At the beginning of the 20th century, for the sake of higher machining precision of workpiece, clamp and screw thread processing tools, have created a jig boring machine and thread grinding machine. At the same time in order to meet the requirement of mass production of automobile and bearing industry, and to develop all kinds of automatic machine, copying machine, combination machine tools and automatic production line.

With the development of electronic technology, the United States in 1952 as a first digital control machine tools; In 1958 developed into automatically replaced, for machining processing center. Since then, with the development and application of electronic technology and computer technology, make the machine tool in the drive way, structure and function of the control system are of significant change.

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